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Abandoned is a metroidvania about abandonment and loneliness. The player controls the result of a failed genetical experient that tries to find the exit to the lab it was born in. But all rooms are similar, and there is nobody around to help him out.

Music by rachael please.

Unfortunately, abandoned no longer seems to work with newer versions of windows. I have plans to make a new build, but this may take a little while. Please follow and I will make an update when the new build is live!

StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Shooter
Tags2D, GameMaker, Sci-fi, timer


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I found this game in the Pirate Bay Bundle the other year and opened it. Very spooky atmosphere and once I got the hang of remembering where upgrades were it became quite a fun rush


I played this game last year because of the Pirate Bay Bundle, and it was a very memorable experience. Knowing nothing about the game, only opening a 'abandoned.exe' without any notion of what it was - that gave me the chills. I started thinking it was a horror game, and the atmosphere didn't give me any reason to guess otherwise - it was only after quite some time that I understood that it was actually a Metroidvania. Those minutes where I didn't quite know what I was playing, are a very special memory to me, for they encapsulated the mystery of games that I felt when I was a kid. Thank you man, your work is appreciated. Cheers from Brazil :)

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Played this game with a group of friends a few years back. The atmosphere and mystery surrounding the little creature had us hooked. Looking forward to another opportunity to play again, thank you Jajaben!

Played this back in 2013 on Win7. Today under Linux with Wine, I got the loading screen and a crash, and I haven't found a Wine configuration that will work yet. It is a good game; hoping for a new build.

I followed IndieOverlook's links here, and saw your notice above. My main computer at the moment is pretty old (Windows XP) and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with a new build. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the old version? My email address is 8trackbarrel@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!