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"A Royal Draft" is a short print-and-play drafting game for 2 players. Each player drafts 3 out of 9 unique cards, each with their own effect. After that players take turns playing out their cards, reacting on the card played before it or anticipating the card played after it. At the end, points are counted and the player with the most total points after an even number of rounds wins!



  1. Shuffle the deck and place one card face-down on the discard pile.  
  2. Each player receives 4 of the remaining cards. 
  3. Each player picks one of the cards and gives the rest to the opponent. 
  4. Each player picks one card from the remaining three cards, sets one aside face-down on the discard pile, and gives the third to the opponent. 
  5. Play post-draft effects. The Old king goes before the New king.


Play an even number of rounds. Each player should start an equal amount of times. Players take turns playing a card and applying the effects on the card. Player with the most total points in the end wins.

NOTE: Prince/ Princess bonus is applied only once. The Queen does not prevent a player from getting base victory points from a card. The Queen only prevents the Prince/Princess bonus when she is worth more than the Prince/ Princess played after her.



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Greetings, my name is Coconut Mousse. I invite you to my jam about card game. The goal is everyone could have play your game without having accessory even a dice

be sure to visit us if you are interested


Just out of curiosity, what did you use to make the cards?

I used GraphicsGale. Pixeled the card base first, then used layers to make each individual card. Cards are 160X200 pixels. After that I pasted everything in publisher to create the PDF.

I've played the game. Loved it. Ideal for a quick match.


Glad you like it! :)

This sounds interesting, I want to try this !

Thanks! Please do, and let me know what you think :)

Hey - I just realized I never posted back!
I enjoyed the game. Played or observed 5 or 6 games.
I like the premise of not knowing exactly what the other person has but deducing. I think you should keep developing your drafting mechanics!